Posted by: oxkr1320 | August 12, 2008

MyFirstBlog on WordPress

Hi Everyone, … is there anybody around !!, since this is my first blog i don’t think that many people is reading it. let me start telling you that this is my first time using WordPress and Windows Live Writer, WLW seems to be easy to Configure, if someone knows a better publishing software please let me know.

Blog Milestones

  • Had a lot of Readers.
  • Kill Time by Posting (like if i had a lot)
  • Let the world know my Thoughts
  • Create Polemic
  • WriteSomeUsableCode();

Who i am?

I’m a …

So that was my First Post, sorry for taking your time away. i can assure you that my next post will be more enjoyable




  1. When I began my blog, my intention was to say silly, geeky and personal things, nothing related to work, code or the developer world. Maybe I should try make of this world a better place, like you do, by teaching what I know.
    Congratulations. I’m sure I won’t be the only one reading this.
    See you Monday 🙂

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