Posted by: oxkr1320 | August 15, 2008

Once you go Black you never go Back

Once you go Black you never go Back

Since i am having some free time at work i decide to start making some style changes to Visual Studio, while watching some videos of the .Net Gurus (Scott G. and Scott Hanselman) i figured that they VS Text Editor background is black, i dont know if this is some kind of microsoft policy in order to reduce their electricity bills. but i take a look to the stly that scott hanselman proposed in his Blog so i start searching for another one and i found this one at Infinities Loop blog  on wich a Font and Colors “settings file” is avalilable to download, this is great because you can import the file into VS by going to  – Tools -> Import and Export Settings.. option on the menubar, i just change the color for the Strings and increase the Size of the text to 9. and thats all.

Also i download the Monaco Font just to see why is so popular, so i will try it for a while and see what happens

Here is a Screenshot from my VS 2005





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