Posted by: oxkr1320 | September 4, 2008

Yahoo Hook Punch Microsoft

since microsoft-yahoo deal step out from the Headlines and MS is looking on new ways to get a piece of the advertising cake, Yahoo and Mozilla were cooking a Firefox-yahoo Edition and they are advertising it on Yahoo’s home page as Safer,Faster,better, well they are not lying on anything. but this really going to hurt MS if yahoo’s users buy their idea an start using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, is this because yahoo is tired on designing for both Browsers or  just because they hate microsoft or maybe firefox wants to win more audience before Chrome became popular. perhaps all of them. Microsoft is taking to long for the final release of IE 8, maybe they need to build a new browser from Scratch like google  instead of spending Millions on refactoring their previous IE’s versions. this are just my thougths i really don’t use Yahoo that much and firefox either but this is something i wanted to post. you can see the advertising by going into or you can see the image from this post


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