Posted by: oxkr1320 | September 12, 2008

Achieving 1544 Gadget users through IGoogle

I am really impressed because i realized that i have more users than i expected, this is because google gadget user count vary according depending on the country. i.e. if i take a look at the user count in in english language the user count is under a 100 but if i change it to Spanish it grows to 165, I also noticed that in (brasil) the number of users is almost 900, due to this I travel all South America google countries to obtain the real user count and i was amazed when i found out that 1544 users are currently using my 13 moon calendar gadget. I am now working on internationalizing the gadget in order to make it available in Spanish and English. i let you some images so you can see how google change the user count from country to country and language

users from brasil

users from brasil

Users from Argentina

Users from Argentina

Users from United States

Users from United States

Thanks for all those users, i hope this calendar help you synchronize your life with earth in a natural cicle.
If you want to add this gadget to your igoogle home page click here  Add to Google


  1. wey, ya estuvieras traduciendo todo en ingles y en diferentes idiomas jejeeje

    mooreeeeee userssssssssss jejejeejeje

    felicidades carnal

    ahora piensa en un gadget para mac 😛

    i am user on mac dude

    came onnnnnnnnn

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