Posted by: oxkr1320 | October 25, 2008

Chrome + MS Ajax + PC Sleep= New Computer?

i was testing a page that i was designing  i went out a couple of hours so i sleep the computer  came back wake it up and I noticed it was real SLOW (AMD) the task mamanger


  • Chrome  = 166 MB
  • WebDevWebServer.EXE = 90 MB
  • aspnet_wp = 89 MB
  • VS Web Developer Express 2008  = 90 MB
  • paint 38 MB (for holding a print screen too much i thinlk)
  • and MSN msgr = 26 MB
a total of 460MB only for the top 5 programs thats ~38 % of my total
if this beacuse of an Ajax ImageRotator control implemented and added
twice on the page?
does ajax became heavier after time?
are the images being keep in memrory?
this is something to be asked @


so i went to see the nerd stats of Chrome, i swear this is my first time looking at them im not a nerd not even a geek

and the are the stats look as follow.



As you can see the Chrome Tab 7 the only one opened at the time shows 152236 K consumed. that’s way to much for a simple web application.


is this because every UpdatePanel Writes dyanmically Scripts with the AjaxToolScriptManager as shown in Visual Web Developer Express 2008  Solution Explorer Zone


since i want another computer i cant blame MS this time so i need a new computer and is this happens again i will blame them

this is my current pc configuration





  1. It isn´t time for a new computer, its time to join us to the true force side. OSCN! (oh Saint Chuck Norris!) you have a powerful computa, you need this configuration:

    * Chrome => FF3
    * WebDevWebServer.EXE = Apache
    * aspnet_wp = PHP
    * VS Web Developer Express 2008 =>Notepad/Dreamweaver
    * paint 38 MB (for holding a print screen too much i thinlk) => Photoshop
    * and MSN msgr => thats ok 😛

    Best regards, el locko

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