Posted by: oxkr1320 | November 10, 2008 Ajax bounce my site

i just made a page for a friend of my mom,    since he only want to display his services i decided to use the KISS methodology (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID), i wanted to use ajax i used the ajax tab container that i don’t know where the ajax is on there. I create an ajax image rotator creating a control that contains an update panel with a timer that refreshes and gets a random image every 5 seconds. but Guess what when I added thiscontrol twice the page literally starts jumping (move the scroll bar position) after the second image ends refreshing so i start digging in an realize that this is an issue with MS ajax framework and in order fix it there is a workaround to deal with it here is the link but this solution didn’t work for me, so i ended implementing a pure xmlhttpRequest call to a page and retrieve only the new image to load. this solve the problem and much more. so if you can avoid using MS ajax framework do it. keep it simple



  1. Sorry.
    It´s possible to separate the KISS issue in a way something like this K,ISS KI,SS KIS,S K,I,S,S K,IS,S K,I,SS KI,S,S
    Sometimes an aircraft cannot be built easely and in a simple way Do you think a PC is a simple thing?

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