Posted by: oxkr1320 | January 16, 2009

Winload.exe is missing or corrupt after resizing partition

a few days ago i wanted to resize the partition of my hard  drive since i was getting out of space. so i follow the recomendation of lifehacker on how to dual boot win 7 and other OS by creating a partition with a Linux  live CD called Gparted this cd has the option of creating partitions and resize the existing ones. everything when just fine i resize the primary partition and also add two more. but when trying to boot Windows Web Server 2008 my default and only OS at the moment. i get the following error

selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

i almost shit on my pants when i see this so i say that damm linux live cd mess my OS. after trying to repair whit the Installation Disk. i encountered that the OS was mounted on a (unknown)LocalDisk i could enter the console and see my files. that gave a big relief but when trying the old XP commands and notice they no longer works on this OS not even EDIT.exe what does MS people was thinking when they removed one of the best 16 bit text editors.  so that frustated me and i went some sleep. after making a research i found a lot threads of people having the same problem. everyone pointing to different solutions. but the most effective was the bcdedit utility provided since vista. i found a tutorial on how to recover vista bootvery usefull but risky at the sametime if you can see step number 5 is called Nuclear Holocaust, i think there’s should be a reason to call this like that maybe a lot of PC’s died on their way to boot again. the good thing is that neosmart develop a bcdedit wrapperto recover the boot but in order to launch it i need a windows os that can boot so i installed new instance of Win 2008 on other partition and fixed from there.

so remember never change or re-size your Windows vista partitions with a Third party tool like this gparted cd. because it will mess up with your drives mapping.


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